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Friday, November 30, 2012

Kissing Contest: A podcast you should be listening to


Kissing Contest - A comedy podcast about movies, tv, sweet boys, pleasant fellow and hard assed men. Hosts are Mike, Sawyer and Doan. Once in a while they review snacks that people send them. They are hilarious and allow their listeners to basically sit in on their conversation and occasionally have guests that you will never hear anywhere else.


Bare Knuckles Promo

Bare Knuckles (1977)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buckflix Podcast #5

This go around we talk about Wings Hauser, trailers for movies we look forward to finding in the dollar store in the future and our feature review of Mutant from 1984.


Download Here!!

Wings Hauser solo:

Wings Hauser - Your Love Keeps Me Off The Streets 1975 RCA Lp (Vinyl Rip) ENTIRE ALBUM from 9961">Mondo Justin on Vimeo.

Playlist of Trailers:

RiffTrax of Mutant:

HOLY Shit you can buy the Mutant soundtrack HERE (not Wings Hauser)

The whole god damned movie:

Buckflix Christmas Preview

Grab a fistful of peppermint and enjoy.